venerdì 26 dicembre 2014

JAMES BROWN Anniversary (2nd Ed.) Turin (Italy)

CITY?  TURIN (Italy)
WHERE? Lavanderie RAMONE: San Salvario 10100, TORINO
WHEN?  December 26th, 2014

Fred Wesley & The JB's, Maceo Parker & The Macks, Maceo & all The King's Men, Bobby Byrd, Lyn Collins The Female Preacher, Vicky Anderson, Myra Barnes, Marva Whitney, Dee Felice Trio, The Dapps, The Last Word, Hank Ballard, The Famous Flames, Bill Doggett, The Grodeck Whipperjenny, Johnny Scotton, A.A.B.B., The First Family, The Hustlers, Elsie Mae, The Devils, J.B.O., Beau Dollar, Steve Soul, Bootsy Phelps & Complete Strangers, Bernard Purdie, Clyde Stubblefield

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